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Access types

How to buy an access?
To purchase new access, go to "My Settings > Manage My Account".

For online payments, AMI Project uses the internationally recognized secure platform: Mollie.
The Mollie platform offers many payment solutions.

However, if you do not have any payment method offered by Mollie, you can pay by bank transfer directly by mentioning the order number in communication.
For more information, click on the link "Pay by bank transfer".

Mollie, Secure online payment system
Is AMI Project free?
From January 1, 2017, AMI project has entered its paid phase.
However, free service is always guaranteed for TPE that can continue to create their bills (with a monthly limitation).
My access is coming to an end, will my data be kept?


You will of course keep all your data and can access it normally, whatever the type of access you choose.

The limitations related to the different types of access only concern the creation of future data.
How can I increase the limits of my access?
Each type of access allows the creation of more or less data.

If you are limited in your creation, we advise you to purchase an higher access type.
When you buy a higher access type, your previous access is automatically converted in proportion to the quantity consumed,
you will never lose what you paid!

If you reach the limit of the highest type of access, please contact us for a personalized offer.

You can view the different types of access and their limitations on the "Account Settings" page.

Access types on AMI Project

Can access be used by multiple simultaneous users?
Yes, there is no limitation in the number of connections and it is possible to work on several documents simultaneously.

When subscribing, you choose the login (e-mail address) and password of your company, which can be used by all your collaborators.

To facilitate your internal communication it is possible to leave comments and "tags" (keywords) on your documents.

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Can I give access to my collaborators?


You can add your collaborators in the section "My Settings > Manage my collaborators".

You can give access to one or more parts of your AMI Project account to your collaborators.

Add a collaborator
You have reached the limit of your access

Your account limits depend on your access type

If you get a message that you have reached one of these limits, you can :
  • wait if it is a monthly limit
  • or buy a higher type of access

When you buy a higher access, you do not lose your old one!
Your old access will be automatically converted into additional time (calculated in proportion to the remaining time).

ATTENTION: buying a second access of the same type will not increase your limits, it will only extend your current access!

Access types on AMI Project
Can I change the password of the collaborators' accesses?

You cannot administer your collaborators' passwords

If their password is lost, they must click on the "Forgot password" link to receive a new password by e-mail.
Does AMI Project offer subscription packages?

Purchased accesses are never automatically renewed

In order to give freedom to each user, we do not propose any subscription, so the accesses are not automatically renewed.
However the accesses are cumulative, if you buy a second access it will extend your current access.

When you need an access again, you just have to follow the usual payment procedure.
The invoice will be automatically generated and accessible in "My Settings > My Account".