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How do I view documents from previous years?
By default, AMI Project displays documents for the current year, but your old documents are of course still accessible.

The search system allows you to specify the period of the document to display :
  • Either manually using the dates "From" and "To"
  • Either by choosing a period from the drop-down menu

In addition, you can keep the search filter settings for all documents (until disconnected) by checking the corresponding box at the bottom right.

Image not found

Your logo can be uploaded in JPG, PNG or GIF format in the section "My Settings > Change my details".

Import your logo on AMI Project

The image of your logo is always left aligned on your documents.

To avoid any misalignment, be sure to remove any white space on the left side of your image (using Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, for example).

The ideal resolution for your image is 650 x 230 pixels (which will correspond to a size of 6 x 2.2 cm on your documents).
How do I update my contact informations or colors on the already created documents ?
Have you changed your colors, your contact information or your client's, but nothing has changed on your document?
This is normal, AMI Project uses a backup system that allows you to retain previously saved data.

To update a document, just edit it and save it again.
How to add my general conditions of sale?

Import your terms and conditions

You can add your terms and conditions as a file or text in the "Set up my documents" section.

In your e-mails

If you use personalized e-mails (My settings > Personalize my e-mails) simply add the { Cgdv } tag to your e-mail and it will automatically create a link to your terms and conditions.

If you wish to add the words "I have read, understood and accepted the attached general sales conditions", you must select the "Attach to document" value for the "General sales conditions" tab in the side menu when you create your document.

By default, these 2 options have been activated when you created your account.

In your PDFs

When editing your document, select "Attach to document" in the left-hand menu.

How to change the language on my documents?

The document will be saved in the language used on AMI Project

You can switch from one language to another by clicking on the corresponding flag in the top language menu.

If you want to change the language of a document already created, simply select the language, modify the document, and save it again.
Create delivery notes

Delivery slips

You can generate delivery notes linked to a purchase order or invoice.

You can specify the weight of each item, as well as delivery details (number of packages, shipper, tracking number, etc.).
The stock of your articles will be automatically updated when a delivery note is sent.

Article info

Encode your recurring articles for easy import onto your delivery notes.
Why isn't my client receiving my emails?

The reception of e-mails may depend on the security of your customers' mailboxes

Some mailboxes may consider your mail as junk mail.
If this is the case, they must click on "this is not spam" to legitimize the mail.

To get around this problem, you can use the e-mail address for your mailings.
Go to the "My Settings > Manage My Account" section and select the sending email.

Select the sending email on AMI Project

AMI Project is recognized by major mailboxes, such as Gmail or Hotmail.
Montant TTC ou TVAC ?
Les termes TVAC (TVA comprise) et TTC (toutes taxes comprises) sont tous les deux valables légalement.

AMI Project utilise TVAC sur les documents, car le montant est calculé avec la TVA comme seule et unique taxe.
Certains secteurs (comme les hôtels par exemple) appliquent des taxes spécifiques, et la mention TTC est alors utilisée.

Si vous les souhaitez vous pouvez bien entendu préciser une remarque globale dans vos paramètres telle que :
"Le total TVAC calculé vaut comme montant TTC".
Can I add attachments to my documents?


You can add your attachments when editing your document by selecting the files in the toolbar (bottom left).

Add attachments

The links to the added attachments will then appear in the email sent to your customer, in the box below.

In addition, you can also specify your terms and conditions in your settings, either as text or by importing a file.
Supplier purchase orders

Ordering from suppliers

Would you like to place an order with your supplier? You can do so directly on AMI Project!

Go to the "Articles" section to manage your suppliers and orders.
If necessary, you can also specify your delivery details.

The stock of your items will be automatically updated when a supplier order is delivered.

The image of your logo is always aligned to the top left

If there is a shift, it is most likely caused by a white area on your image.
To avoid a shift, be sure to remove any white space on the left side of your image (with Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, for example).

The size of the logo area is 650 pixels wide by 230 pixels high.
If your logo is larger than this area, it will automatically be adjusted to fit.

The supported formats are JPG, PNG or GIF.

If you are still unable to upload your logo correctly, please send it to us at for further verification.
Is it possible to send my document to several recipients?


It is possible to send your documents to several recipients.
You can add them to the "Recipients" box of your e-mail by separating them with a comma or a semicolon.