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How do I create a purchase order?

A purchase order is automatically created when a quote is signed.

Here are the steps for creating a purchase order:
  1. Quotation creation
  2. Sending the quotation (you can specify the status "Sent" manually)
  3. Quotation signature (you can specify the status "Signed" manually)
  4. You are then automatically sent to the page of the order form created.
  5. You can then send the order form or download the order form.
  6. Once the purchase order has been sent, you can invoice it, or create invoices for a deposit.
Can my client sign a quote electronically?


You can personalize your e-mail to add an acceptance link and a refusal link.
The status of your quote will be automatically updated, and in case of acceptance the customer will receive the corresponding order form.

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The description does not appear on the quote

The description is used when you send your document by e-mail

By default, it appears in the e-mail like this:
"Following your request, we are pleased to send you the quote { Quote number } for : { Description }"

There are several solutions if you want to add a visible description on your document:
  • A short "customer reference" that will appear in your header
  • A general remark, which will appear in the footer
  • A line of type "Title" or "Text" which will appear within your settlement