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How can I change my invoice number?
If you want to change your number format, go to "My Settings" then "Set my documents".

Here you can choose between 3 formats:
  • With the year, month and number (ex: FA-160 200 001)
  • With the year and the number (ex: FA-1600001)
  • Only the number (ex: FA-00001)


Regarding the bills, you have the legal obligation to respect the continuity of your dialing ; so there can not be a "hole" between 2 invoice numbers.
  • It is not possible to change the number of a bill.
  • It is only possible to delete the last invoice, provided it has not yet been sent.

If you need to create an invoice piece by piece or come back to it later, we recommend using the invoice templates as a draft.
Then import them into a blank invoice to finalize and send it to your customer.
Can I write an invoice without any VAT ?


You can specify a default VAT rate of 0% in "My Settings> Set My Documents".

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It is also possible to specify a VAT of 0% for certain lines of your invoice.

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Finally, you can choose not to display any VAT information on your documents by checking the box in "My Settings> Customize My Documents"

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Can I add default interest on my invoices?


You can manage your different late payment interest rates in the "Set up my documents" section.

Then you just have to select the rate in the toolbar when you create your invoice.

Late fees will be automatically calculated in your reminder emails.
How to invoice a quote?

Before invoicing a quote, it is necessary to create the purchase order

Here is the complete procedure step by step:
  1. Create your quote
  2. Send your quote or specify its status to "Sent by mail"
  3. Specify the quote status to "Signed"
  4. Step 3 creates the purchase order and sends you to it automatically
  5. Send the order form or specify its status to "Sent"
  6. "Bill the order" and "Create a deposit invoice" buttons are now available
  7. To invoice the entire quotation, click on the button "Invoice the order" and save the invoice
Import my bank statements to synchronize payments

Synchronize your bank statements

Import your bank statements in CSV* format to automatically record invoice payments and update your cash flow.

Import of bank statements in CSV format

(*) The procedure for obtaining your bank statements in CSV format depends on your bank.
Log in to your homebanking and look for a "CSV" (BNP Paribas Fortis) or "Export" (Belfius) button.
How to invoice a purchase order?
When an estimate is indicated as SIGNED, the corresponding purchase order is automatically created.

To invoice a purchase order it is necessary to send it beforehand to your customer.
Once the status of the purchase order indicated as SENT two new options appear in the tools menu:
  • Create a deposit invoice
  • Bill the order

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To invoice the entire order, click to open the pre-filled document editor with all the order data, allowing you to modify the content if necessary.

To create a deposit invoice, click to open a popup allowing you to specify the percentage of the deposit (pre-filled with the default value), as well as its description.

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How to apply the co-contracting regime?
If you are subject to the contracting party regime you must check the corresponding box on the "Change my details" settings page.

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Then, when you select a customer subject to VAT the contracting regime will be automatically applied (VAT of 0% and addition of the clause in remark).
How to delete my invoice?
With regard to invoices, you have the legal obligation to respect the continuity of your numbering; there can be no "hole" between 2 invoice numbers.

It is therefore only possible to delete the last invoice, provided it has not been sent yet.

To cancel the invoice at the accounting level you must create a credit note.
To credit your bill, set the status to "Sent", which will bring up the "Create a credit" button in the left menu.
Click the button, save your credit note and send it there (or specify its status manually).

If you need to fill out an invoice as you go along or come back to it later, we recommend that you use the invoice models as draft.
Then import them into a blank invoice to finalize and send to your customer.
Is it possible to create recurring invoices?


Do you want to bill your customers regularly based on a predefined invoice template?
It's possible !

Add an invoice recurrence, defined by:
  • the choice of a model
  • selecting a customer
  • the accuracy of the period (weekly, monthly or yearly)
  • the date of the first execution

The invoice will be created and automatically added to your account.
If you would like it to be sent as well, check the box and make sure that your client has agreed to receive your electronic documents.

This feature is reserved for users with annual access.
Why is my invoice not included in the dashboard?
Invoices are only counted on the scoreboard once sent to your customer.

Until the moment of sending, an invoice can be modified or even deleted if it is the last one (there can not legally be a hole in the numbering).

If you want to create an invoice for later use, we advise you to create and use templates.